Whether you have lived in your home for years or you just recently purchased, countertops often times make the priority list of changes and upgrades wanted.  As a homeowner, understanding which home upgrades will give the best return on investment is also a huge contributing factor into the project decision.

Most articles, designers and contractors will tell you that upgrades to the kitchen area and bathrooms has always proven to offer the best return on investment, which is why countertops are usually always included in those projects.

If you’re considering new countertops, granite offers many benefits, which is why it is the most popular countertop choice.  So here are three main reasons why granite countertops are a great investment and solid choice for your home and living space.

  1. Granite is strong and durable

    Granite as a substance, is extremely strong and is not susceptible to blemishes such as scratches. Granite is know for taking the average wear and tear associated with kitchen and bathroom countertops extremely well, which is why this reason alone makes it a fantastic choice. It is also resistant to heat, which is why its ideal in kitchen spaces.  If you have to set down a hot pan or other piece of cookware, you don’t have to worry about the heat damaging the granite.  It also doesn’t easily absorb liquid, so you can rest easy that spills wont stain it and interfere with the look.

  2. Granite offers more choices than you can imagine-

    When choosing your granite countertop, make sure you choose a company that can offer you a large selection to choose from, like Hartford Granite & Marble in Hartford, CT.  Why is this so important? Granite offers thousands of choices and no two granite slabs are the same.  So when choosing your granite piece, its crucial that you have enough selection to understand the differences between the slabs, as you may find you love one more than the other, or have more than one to choose from.  Hartford Granite & Marble is proud to have over 1,000 slabs at our Hartford, CT location which makes us one of the largest selections of granite in Connecticut.  Our staff will help you with your choice from start to finish, so make sure to bring in a sample of your cabinet and floor colors!

  3. Granite is affordable

    The other reason why our selection at Hartford Granite & Marble is beneficial, is because our large selection offers granite for all prices and budgets.  One of the biggest misconceptions about granite, is that it’s not affordable. This could not be farther from the choice.  With over 1,000 slabs at our Hartford, CT location, we truly have beautiful, high quality granite options for anyone.  Don’t assume that you’re forced to go to a lower quality countertop!  Hartford Granite & Marble has solutions for every project.

For more information about granite, care and other information, don’t hesitate to reach to the team at Hartford Granite & Marble, or make an appointment to have one of our specialists walk you through the process and help you with your upcoming project.